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Note To All Competitors
In the interests of safety for all concerned, small children  are not allowed to walk the course with their parents, or be in the ring at any time during a trial.

Only those entered in a class may walk the course.
Interested others (e.g: one instructor with novice competitors) may ask the judge's permission to accompany a newcomer. Congestion is to be avoided, and all competitors are expected to show consideration for others while course-walking. If necessary course-walking may be split into height catgories at big events.

Note To All Competitors :
Barking dogs left unattended and close to the rings causing a disturbance, will be asked to move.

Failure to comply with such a request from the Trial Manager may lead to further action being taken,
with disqualification from the trial being the last resort available.

DogsSA's Hot Weather policy

Multiple-entry Forms
Trial Secretaries Please Note: Trial schedules cannot specify 'separate entry forms' as the multiple-entry forms are approved by the ANKC and Dogs SA, so must be accepted if competitors choose to enter that way.   
All the Club can note on the schedule in this regard is :is 'Separate entry forms preferred'.

Proof of Desexing
Just a reminder that proof of desexing of bitches is required at trials when collecting your numbers :
Proof can be in the form of an ear tattoo, desexing certificate, or if it's on your height card.

NOTE: This will be a requirement for collection of numbers at all State Championships.

Lack of Scoreboards at Trials

If scoreboards are not in use at trials, competitors are asked to use discretion when attempting to
look at the score sheets.
If you must check your score, you are to do so without disturbing the scribe.

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            Guidelines for Not for Competition runs can be found on the 'Rules' page 
These vary from state to state.

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